Ransomware Protection

Safeguard your data with robust ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks are no longer a question of if but when. Protect your business data with Veeam Insider Protection implemented on all our Cloud backup services, defending you against ALL cyberattacks.

Ransomware protection for high risk industries

Legal Firms

Protect your clients confidential information and meet data retention requirements, with secure cloud data backups that are rapidly recoverable.



Meet regular data backup and regulatory compliance requirements with secure cloud storage on Australia based servers.


Medical Practices

Secure solutions for safe storage and fast retrievals of  of patient data for the healthcare industry, to meet Australian privacy laws.

Keep your data safe with #1 for ransomware recovery

Keep your backups clean

There are instances where these backups can become compromised, such as an attacker gaining access to the backup console and deleting cloud-based backups before executing the main attack. Thankfully, Veeam Insider Protection safeguards you from this happening.

Immediately recover maliciously deleted files

Accidentally or maliciously deleted files can be immediately recovered by our support team. This functionality is segregated from the client network, meaning even a compromised local backup console doesn’t affect client recoverability.

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