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We use Veeam Cloud Connect to provide a fully integrated, fast, and secure way to backup and restore from the cloud within your existing Veeam backup solution. Not using Veeam? Then check out our Comet Backup solution for a simple alternative.


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Frequently asked questions
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Back Online as part of TIMG Veeam Cloud Connect uses end-to-end encryption for the backups at source, in transit and at rest. Veeam transfers data over a secure SSL connection. The TIMG network is managed and run by TIMG employees. TIMG deploy Enterprise level firewalls that deliver application intelligence and control as well as intrusion detection and malware protection.

TIMG sites are ISO27001:2013 (Information Technology Systems) certified. All TIMG sites are also compliant for physical security in accordance with PCI-DSS Rev.3.2 requirements. TIMG has an assigned dedicated Compliance Manager and has a NetSec Team responsible for all ISMS-related matters. TIMG’s fully fenced facilities are equipped with CCTV monitoring and intruder alarm systems. Access to the building is only permitted to accredited staff members. To date, TIMG has not experienced any breach of its security and confidentiality.

TIMG Veeam Cloud Connect comes with web portal access via the Veeam Availability Console. This portal can be used to view cloud storage, job details and other useful information. Backup reports can be configured via your Veeam software. TIMG can also send you detailed, custom backup reports on a daily schedule.

Your data will be stored in one of TIMG’s wholly owned, non-shared datacentres. These datacentres are strategically located in various locations across Australia and New Zealand.

  • New South Wales
  • Western Australia
  • Victoria
  • Auckland
  • Hamilton
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Client Testimonial

We are so happy with the backup solution provided by you and your team. We have not had one issue since implementation and minimal work required by the team.

Peter Koureas, CUE